Thursday, 19 September 2013

Put My Bottom Out! ( A.K.A kids say the funniest things part 1 )

I settled down yesterday afternoon to watch a spot of TV with Squiggle and decided to watch Tinga Tinga Tales. It's a cartoon which tells stories of how the animals came to be as they are - ie, why elephant has a long nose, why does hare hop and why is Zebra striped. Yesterday was the story of how Baboon came to have a bare bottom.

Baboon was a trickster, constantly playing tricks on all the other animals, the animals came to refer to her as a naughty monkey but she protested that she wasn't a monkey but a baboon. One day the animals had had enough and decided to get their own back by playing a trick of their own. They lured her to the top of a mountain with the promise of a yummy egg, when she got to the top of the mountain Snake held the egg out for Baboon, but Baboon overstretched and consequently skidded down the mountain on her... bottom, by the time she got to the foot of the mountain her poor bottom was on fire and as all the other animals stood watching she cried out " Don't just stand there, help put my bottom out" but by the time the fire was extinguished all the hair had gone and that is why Baboon has a bare bottom.

I don't know who laughed more - Squiggle at the funny cartoon he was watching or me at what was happening. Unfortunately Squiggle has a remarkable memory and can recall things he has seen or heard only once. Moving onto today and our little shopping trip to the supermarket, Squiggle was running amok in the aisles and I decided to just stand still and wait for him to calm down when out of the blue he shouted at the top of his voice - "Don't just stand there mummy, put my bottom out"

Well my mum and grandma's faces were classic, we all howled with laughter whilst I got disapproving looks and tuts from the older customers. I can't wait for the next embarrassing instalment, I'm getting quite used to them now!

Review: Always & UNESCO

I was sent a new Bzz Kit this month to review.

Always have teamed up with UNESCO to help support girls get an education. Their aim is to help empower women all around the world, so for every pack of Always sold, Always will donate a school lesson to a girl. For the past two years Always have supported girls in Senegal.

In the UK Always are planning to donate more than 7 million lessons to support girls education. Why? should I get involved I hear you ask - well, educated women and girls can earn up to 15-25% more wages than uneducated women and girls, and it is shown that when women and girls earn income in these poorer countries, they reinvest 90% of it into the health, education and well being of their families, much more than their respected male counterparts. For us going to school is a way of life, as is our monthly period ( well for us girls anyway ), so why not switch brands and help give the gift of education to someone less fortunate.

The campaign is going to run util March 2014 and thereafter until UNESCO marked packs have sold out.

Ok, so onto the product.
The first thing that hit me when I opened the box was the sweet fragrance of  flowers. As I took out my items I saw that one of the boxes was Always dailies discreet 30 incredibly thin scented panty liners.

I was also sent sent 2 packs of Always Ultra with odour neutralising Actipearls.

The Always Ultra are bigger than regular sized towels and I found they were better at preventing leaks, the dailies discreet were quite small and flimsy and to be honest I wondered what the point of them was, but they held their shape and stayed in place all day.

Both packs smell really fresh, I don't know if they mask odours because I've never suffered with that problem, they do the job they are designed for and I'm happy with that. Plus I've noticed that by keeping the Always Dailies Discreet in my underwear drawer, the fragrance has been passed onto my underwear so they smell lovely and fresh when I get dressed in a morning!

Disclaimer, although I was sent the products to create a buzz about, all words and photos are my own.