Friday, 29 March 2013

Park Life

Four generations of the family spent an enjoyable afternoon in the park today, our ages range from 2 years old to 83 years young! What a laugh we had, because it was still quite cold nobody else had decided to venture out except for us - well the sun was shining so we were going to make the most of it.
First mission was to fathom out how to get onto the slide - not an easy feat, the choice was meant to be either a climbing wall or a cargo net, of course Squiggle is too small to use either, so it was up to me and my mum to lift him up onto the apparatus and then for great granny to catch him at the bottom as he came pelting down the slide. We didn't know how fast he would come down the first time and so he flew off the bottom of the slide, luckily the ground was covered in sand so he had a soft landing.
We had a good laugh until he decided to venture a bit further over the equipment and got stuck, in came mummy to rescue the day, unfortunately, although I can now walk and climb stairs, it soon became apparent I still don't have the strength to climb a cargo net, and with no way up or down without making a complete arse of myself, I got myself stuck! Fortunately Squiggle managed to sort himself out and so with him above me and my mum below pushing and pulling between them, I soon got myself up onto the equipment, thank goodness there's no CCTV watching the park because it was a sight.
The bonus of going up instead of down meant that I too could go down the slide, wheeeeeeee !!!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Snorasaurus - Noun: "(informal, humorous, mildly pejorative) a loud or persistent snorer"

What I wouldn't give for a lazy day, I'm feeling very sorry myself & think I'm sickening for something, got the usual pre cold feelings - sore throat, fuzzy head, feeling cold in myself and generally feeling knackered. It doesn't help that I don't get much sleep at night due to the 2 Snorasauruses in the house. My husband is the first one and my two year old son has now joined him. It should be made an arrestable offence if when you snore your poor wifey can't hear the TV downstairs! It's like listening to a pneumatic drill coming through the ceiling some nights and then when I'm ready to fall asleep I've to climb in bed next to him and listen to it even louder! - My son is just as bad, at two years old I can hear him, his in bedroom, with the door shut!. They seem to take it in turns to snore so all I actually hear is one long loud noise with no let up!

I've just managed to get Squiggle Diddle (son) off for an afternoon nap and thought I might join him, but no, he was snoring before he had even shut his eyes - takes after my dad there then - he can snore whilst he's awake!

I have to slightly disagree with the dictionaries meaning of a Snorasaurus, In the case of my son, I can whole heartily agree that it is humourous & very cute, but not the husband, oh no he's just annoying!

Well I suppose I'd better make the most of this and attempt to do a spot of cleaning, I'm supposed to be having a birthday tea party for Squiggle at the weekend but as yet I can't find my dining table, its buried underneath a mound of ironing, best crack on and do something productive with my "peace and quiet" time.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


So here we are a brand new blog, first post, let's start as I mean to go on moaning!

It's my birthday today, and I got what every girl wants to wake up to - 12 inches!! I mean snow of course, it wasn't a suprise to me - I've been expecting it, as I have often said snow season runs from my a friend of my mums' birthday to mine, ie Oct - Mar, albeit there have been a few sunny birthdays most of them have been snowy and today is no exception. There are some big snowdrifts outside my house which is weird  because there is barely anything at the front yet I have a 3 foot high one blocking my back door!

So I woke up in anticipation of my birthday presents, couldn't wait to see what my beloved husband had bought me from himself and our 2 year old son, bearing in mind he had cake & balloons for his birthday last month, ........ I got a card!, granted he had excelled himself this year because he had actually written the card the night before and not the morning of my birthday, I shouldn't be upset because it's been like this every year for the last 10 years, but I am today, especially when I see other friends boyfriends and husbands make so much of an effort with lovely gifts and flowers, I'm not asking for much - just a balloon and present off my son would have been nice, so I'm sat here at the moment sulking at him - oh yes I will make him pay!!

Also a bit upset because although I love the snow, it has messed my plans up for a birthday night out, can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed a night out for my birthday and I was so looking forward to this one, I had even bought a dress for the occasion, but alas due to road closures and cancelled babysitters friends have had to pull out and I'm not looking forward to doing anything tonight, so it might have to be a night in on the Xbox with my family if they can get up the hill to me!

Thank goodness for my mother, she knows how to make me smile - I've got some personalised birthday cakes off her - with my edible face on them! I wondered what she was up to last week when she asked for a photo of me and now I know, edible fairy cake toppers, so at least I got birthday cake off somebody!

Meanwhile my snowed in friends are redeeming themselves by organising a Twitter #birthdaymission and asking as many celebrities as possible to wish me a Happy Birthday!