Sunday, 12 July 2015

Oh No Fashion Faux Pas!

So for the third time in my life, I turned up wearing the same clothes as someone else tonight. I suppose three times in thirty six years isn't too bad.

The first time was whilst I was working in Birmingham, I turned up to the office wearing the same blouse as my manager who was a good 30 years older than me, she thought it was great that a young lass was wearing the same as her and said she felt younger for wearing it, whereas I was embarrassed that someone 30 years older was wearing it, and felt like going into hiding. So I promptly put my cardigan on and sat covered up for the rest of the day, needless to say I never wore that blouse again!

The second time was at my cousin in laws wedding, I'd picked out the most beautiful dress and felt so lovely in it. I walked into the venue and spotted my dress on another girl. This time I thought it was funny and said we could pass ourselves off as bridesmaids but she was mortified at this, and if the wedding wasn't at a hotel in the middle of nowhere she would have gone home and got changed, but she couldn't. The poor girl then spent the rest of the day and evening avoiding me at all costs, and at one point whilst she was queuing at the bar saw me approaching and walked off. I don't know what her problem was - she looked much better in it than I did.

And so tonight, I walked into the pub and a friend walked past me, you guessed it, wearing the same top as me. However this time I was neither mortified nor embarrassed, because we both looked good in it. Thankfully we were there separately so didn't have to put up with any funny comments or odd looks from the people we were with.

I wonder what will happen the next time?