Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Help Me!

Had an enjoyable day today....not. My mum and dad came to visit me and whilst there I started to feel uncomfortable and my mum noticed a smell, well, upon inspection it was me or rather the collection bag on my back, it had leaked all over me and so I was covered in putrid smelling pus! Cue the buzzer for some nursing assistance .

Oh yeah, sorry why was I ringing the buzzer, it's been that long I've forgotten ... oh yes, I remember!

This is what I've had to put up with, ringing for assistance but never getting it at the time I need it, it always comes too late, so I'm the one who's to blame for wetting and soiling the bed, I'm the one who has to lie there in my own pee and poo, but I'm also the one who's been listening to the bell buzzing with no help forthcoming.

Anyway, the nurse did come and with help from my mum got me into the shower.  She then left my mum to shower me whilst my dad waited outside. It was only when we came to dry me that we realised she had gone and left us with no towels or bed robes to get changed into. My dad was sent to find someone whilst I sat and shivered in the bathroom. Dad came back with the ward sister a.k.a The Wicked Witch, she wasn't happy about having to come to me with towels and gowns and made it quite clear that she wasn't happy about it, implying it was my fault!

I need HELP to get ME out of here soon!

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