Friday, 29 March 2013

Park Life

Four generations of the family spent an enjoyable afternoon in the park today, our ages range from 2 years old to 83 years young! What a laugh we had, because it was still quite cold nobody else had decided to venture out except for us - well the sun was shining so we were going to make the most of it.
First mission was to fathom out how to get onto the slide - not an easy feat, the choice was meant to be either a climbing wall or a cargo net, of course Squiggle is too small to use either, so it was up to me and my mum to lift him up onto the apparatus and then for great granny to catch him at the bottom as he came pelting down the slide. We didn't know how fast he would come down the first time and so he flew off the bottom of the slide, luckily the ground was covered in sand so he had a soft landing.
We had a good laugh until he decided to venture a bit further over the equipment and got stuck, in came mummy to rescue the day, unfortunately, although I can now walk and climb stairs, it soon became apparent I still don't have the strength to climb a cargo net, and with no way up or down without making a complete arse of myself, I got myself stuck! Fortunately Squiggle managed to sort himself out and so with him above me and my mum below pushing and pulling between them, I soon got myself up onto the equipment, thank goodness there's no CCTV watching the park because it was a sight.
The bonus of going up instead of down meant that I too could go down the slide, wheeeeeeee !!!!

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