Monday, 24 February 2014

Meal Planning Monday 24th February 2014

Well back to normal this week, nursery is back open and I'm taking back my motherly duties of doing the school run and looking after Squiggle on his days off.  I have "recovered" from my gallbladder operation,  it's been 3 weeks and the scars have healed, not sure the insides have recovered as I have an horrendous niggling pain that comes and goes but the doctor said not to worry unless it carries on after a month has passed! - a month will be next week and I can't see it going away by then.

The meal planning helped last week both with the diet and with my recovery as they were simple foods and I could actually get in the kitchen and cook them. There was a slight chop and change towards the end of the week with what meal to have on what day but all meals were accounted for.

This week looks like a fairly easy week judging by the contents of my freezer. Fish fingers everyday it is then! They must have either been on offer whilst I was in hospital or my husband is desperately trying to deplete the fish stock of the Atlantic Ocean!

Anyway after searching further into the snowy wasteland of the freezer, past the fish fingers there is something I can make a meal out of for the week, so I have constructed the following meal ideas and made a firm decision to not buy any more freezer food until I have defrosted the freezer. As a bonus though I did come across a jam roly poly and half a dozen frozen margaritas which will go down nicely at the weekend!

Monday - Leftover Spag Bol
Tuesday - lamb, mash & peas
Wednesday - fish fingers!!!!
Thursday - Child free night so possibly the pub or a takeaway
Friday - chicken fajitas
Saturday - spicy chilli sausages & mash followed by frozen margaritas!!
Sunday - roast dinner- using up the half empty bags of veg from the freezer, plus the jam roly poly!

Now after reviewing that I may have to go shopping for foodstuff because by the end of the week the freezer will just contain a bag of chips, some peas and fish fingers!

Thanks again to MrsM for arranging #mealplanningmonday, if you're in need of meal ideas please feel free to click through to her site.


  1. Sounds like my freezer, except swap fish fingers for chicken nuggets lol x

  2. ooh chicken nuggets, Squiggle hasn't had them for a while - might have to go on the shopping list for next week!

    Thanks for stopping by x