Monday, 24 August 2015

Meal Planning Monday - 24th August 2015

Here I am, jumping back on the meal planning bandwagon. I actually made a start on this last week when I sat down and planned my shopping list so I could do a last minute online shop. It feels quite weird having actual food in the house - and by that I mean things that easily come together to make an edible meal and not random items like a jar of chicken & mushroom sauce, spaghetti hoops and fruit cocktail, not sure how they would ever go together without me having to make the effort of actually buying something to go with them.

So what is actually for tea?
Well I have in stock this week enough food to make:
Lamb steak and mash
Chicken thighs with squash and sweet potato stew
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Fish fingers
Sweet & sour chicken with rice*
Homemade pizzas - cheat style because I've bought a readymade base

I think I'll get Squiggle involved with the pizzas because he has turned into a bit of a fussy eater over the school holidays, too many days out, takeaways and sandwiches, so it's about time we all got back to eating some good-ish food.

As usual my menu probably won't inspire many of you this week, so why not check out At home with Mrs M for some great meal ideas.

*or I might actually use the aforementioned chicken & mushroom sauce

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