Friday, 1 July 2016

366 Day Penny Challenge: Half way Update

Can you believe it's the first of July today, that's the 183rd day of the year which means we are already half way through 2016 and more importantly half way through the penny saving challenge, and, well, truth be told, my penny pot isn't as full as it should be. I went away on holiday back in April and the pot has been somewhat neglected since then. I have still been contributing to it every now and then, I just haven't been doing it on a daily basis but I guess more importantly I haven't taken anything out of it.

I've already spent the money in my mind on a brand new pair of Irregular Choice shoesand a Merlin family pass to take Squiggle on some days out next year, and hopefully I should have some leftover for something else, but you never know, my shopping list might change before the end of the year.

But before then, I need to stash the cash and get back on track.

If you've been doing it properly you should have £168.36 saved by now.

266 365 Day Penny Challenge

Keep up the good work!

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