Thursday, 18 April 2013

Notice anything?

Okay so neither my dad nor my husband have ever claimed to be the sharpest tools in the box but they have excelled themselves this week in not being observant!

Firstly I decided to make a start on stripping the wallpaper off the walls in the living room on Monday, I did one wall before I had to give up and I suppose in fairness I did leave the lining paper on, but it's only today - Thursday, 4 days later,  that my husband has noticed the wallpaper has gone!

My dad on the other hand has been complaining about a Wendy house cluttering up his house that my mum bought before Christmas, so my mum and I decided to move it from their house to ours and put it up in my garden. My dad has now been home 6 hours and still hasn't noticed it gone!

What are they like?!?!

So going back to this Wendy house, what a nightmare that was. Of all the days to decide to walk up the street with a piece of 3 foot x 5 foot plastic, we had to choose today when it was gale force winds. My mum had the easy job, she carried the pieces with windows, so at least when the wind blew, it blew through the gap. Me on the other hand, well I was spun in all directions, blown into walls and very nearly blown into the parked cars at the side of the road!
A nice young man ran after a piece that blew off and offered to carry it for us until he learnt we had to go up the hill and then he declined, deciding that as the butty shop was nearer then that's where he was going!

We managed to get all the bits here in the end and have put it up in on a small patch of mud outside my kitchen window. I need to find a ground sheet tomorrow so that Squiggle can play in it without him getting too dirty until I can get the rest of the garden done and then it can be moved into its permanent position.
I'm just waiting to see how long it takes before all the neighbourhood cats move into it.

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