Friday, 17 May 2013

Swimming with Squiggle

OK, so I decided to brave it and take Squiggle swimming on my own, well when I say on my own I mean without the help of my other half or my mum. I met my friend and her one year old daughter for an afternoon of splishing and splashing in the pool.

Squiggle is getting braver and braver every time he goes, we haven't been since before Christmas so I thought he might be a bit wary - but no, he was flopping underwater in the shallow end as kids do, splashing everyone and even let me bob him in and out of the water. He used to hate getting his face wet in the bath but he loved going underwater this afternoon! He loved it when the wave machine came on, the pool played the Jaws theme tune before the waves started and Squiggle's face just lit up when he heard the music.

At one point he started to wander to the deep end and so I followed behind, I noticed that his feet weren't touching the bottom, my little Squiggle was "swimming"!
He managed to do a full length doggy paddling and I didn't know who was happier me or him - now we only need to work on getting his daddy to swim - he never learnt so it makes it hard when we go to the pool or on holiday and I'm the one on my own in the sea whilst he's just paddling his toes on the beach!

So after Squiggle's triumph with swimming - he decided he was big boy and wanted to go down the water slide. Not wanting to upset him, I agreed to take him down, so off came the glasses and up the stairs we went. I had barely sat down when he jumped on my lap and we were off. He loved it. So we had to go again, and again, and again.......

Swimming will never be the same again with Squiggle - he's growing up far too quickly but it's nice being able to have fun with him.

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