Friday, 10 January 2014

Gastroenterologist visit

So I got my blood test results back from my pre op last week and my LFT's and amylase levels are raised. They were referred to a doctor who said they were fine for me and that I could still go ahead with my gallbladder operation in 2 weeks time.

Today I finally got to see a gastroenterologist to try and get some answers about why I cannot control my bodily functions. He had no real answers, non of my previous tests showed any serious conditions like Chrones or colitis so he says it's going to have to be trial and error and possibly long term use of medication like loperamide or codeine which should hopefully 'bung' me up. The codeine should also help with the cramping. He also said I feel  the bloating, cramping and pain more than other people because of my soft abdomen and split rectal muscles which means my insides are nearer to the surface and not protected by my abs.

Unlike the surgeon who reviewed my blood tests, he was concerned with them and wants my bile duct stent replaced as soon as possible. He nearly fell off his chair when I said it had been in for 20 months, he protested that surely it had been changed since the as they are only designed to last for 3-6 months, but I reiterated that I had asked for it to be removed but had been denied this by my surgeon.

He wants me in next week to have an urgent emergency ERCP to replace the stent, I've just got to wait for a time slot.

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