Monday, 27 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 27th January 2014

Last week wasn't too much of a struggle, in fact I felt like I'd eaten more food than I normally would, just purely because unlimited amounts of salad and vegetables fill you up but with hardly any calories. The only downside was the after effects of my Portabello mushrooms, it seems I may be intolerant to them, by heck I've never experienced cramping and bloating like it before in my life!, so this week will be more or less the same as last weeks, only it's a short week as I am in hospital on Thursday having my gallbladder removed, but until then the plan is:

30g cereal 
1 slice of bread with a scraping of low fat spread

4oz meat or fish or cheese or 2 eggs
1 slice of bread or 2 Ryveta
Unlimited salad or tomatoes

4oz meat or fish or cheese or 2 eggs
4oz potato or 2 tablespoons rice or pasta
unlimited vegetables

an apple & a banana
a low fat yoghurt
200ml milk
unlimited diet/low calorie drinks, tea or coffee ( using daily milk allowance)

So my plan for the week is the same as last week ( just because these were my favourite meals from last week! )

Monday: chicken thighs with butternut squash and rice with veg

Tuesday: Lamb steaks with mash, peas, and carrots

Wednesday: child free night so carvery at the pub and I am going to indulge in a Yorkie pud this time!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, play it by ear may be hospital food or the delights of whatever my husband can cook or buy from the takeaway!

For more inspiration see MrsM's! blog

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