Friday, 2 May 2014

Psoriasis treatment - Days 3 & 4

Ok, so I am officially burnt from the ointment that was put on my back on Tuesday, upon closer inspection I think it's because it was on an area of my back that I cannot reach ( I have short arms and can only reach so far!! ) so I have to stick to the same strength dithranol and avoid putting it on my back. This nearly put a spanner in the works for today, because today was the start of the UVB treatment, but as the redness had gone down I was given the green light - and a nice pair of goggles!!

Can't see a thing!

Yes I know I look weird, I couldn't put the goggles on properly and see to take a photo at the same time. They are a lot darker than regular sunbed goggles because these machines are stronger than regular sunbeds.

The plan is to increase the joules strength by 10% each time, the duration doesn't change much, I'll be on between 30 & 60 seconds, depending on how hot the tubes are - these machines are quite clever like that, it's all computerised, all I do is a press a button to say "yes that's my name" open the door, close the door and stand there like a roast dinner waiting to cook!

I get the weekend off so I'm going to make the most of a lie in!

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