Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hi Honey I'm Homer!

Well after spending New Year in hospital I am pleased to report that I am now out and back home. I've been basically told that there's nothing more they can do in hospital for me this time, as it appears what little pancreas I have is doing fine and dandy and working like it should be. My blood results are fine, so there is no need for me to stay in, in fact they're not sure what's causing the pain - they just think it's the I.B.S playing up.

The doctor has done a full review of my medication and has started me on some new pain killers which need to be reviewed in clinic in 2 weeks time, if I get that far, I've only just started them on the lowest dose and by heck am I spaced out. I took my breakfast dose and then woke up 4 hours later. Not sure how I am meant to function as a parent  whilst I get used to these bad boys, thankfully I have a great family who are running around looking after Squiggle, and he's at his dads this weekend, so I can concentrate on .... well concentrating!

I must say that I am now getting a bit fed up with my body and with everything that goes wrong with it. IBS just seems to be a flippant thing, everyone suffers from it now and then, but not everyone suffers to the same extent. Imagine, every day waking up in pain, attempting to eat breakfast, having feelings of intense bloating, more pain, then the sudden feeling of your guts dropping, attempting to get to the toilet but never making it in time, having to clean yourself up, then having more pain, constantly burping and farting. Then it's dinner time, and it's the same rig-moral and then the same for tea time! I spend more time in the bathroom than any other room in the house I'm seriously thinking of installing a TV in there!
I've tried various diets, high fibre, low fibre, low carbs, low sugar, high protein, non of which have had any impact on my digestive system, I've even been prescribed digestive enzymes (they make them from the pancreas of pigs!), which just make me sick (not because of the pig thing, just because they are nasty to take!). There is no relief. If I need to go somewhere, then I have to try and go without food, which means afternoon appointments cannot come soon enough. I'm usually shaking with hunger by then.
And now I'm fighting a case with the DWP, who after 7 years of being on ESA have decided that I am fully fit and capable of working. Never mind the inoperable hernias I suffer with, the ongoing arthritic pain, chronic abdomen pain, dizzy spells, nausea, constant fatigue (I sound like a right catch don't I?). The job centre told me to get a little job cleaning, ha, are they having a laugh? I don't clean my own home, why would I clean somewhere else? My mum and friend come round to help me out. Plus the doctor says I'm not to do any lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, stretching, so I can't even vacuum, which is my favourite part of cleaning!
Anyway, enough of me moaning, I'm back home, and I'm glad to be home. I hope the tablets settle in my system quickly, so I can at least try to live a pain free life, and let's see what other investigations this year brings at the gastroenterology department!

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