Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Next 3 Days ( and a week ) !

So I'll carry on.. where was I ? Oh yes, I had been discharged and my son had been moved to a hospital nearer to home.
I had to return to the hospital the next day ( which was a Friday ) for an injection to stop blood clots because I still wasn't fully mobile, my temperature was a little high but they put that down to the heating on the ward, they do like to keep maternity at boiling hot temperatures! so yet again I was sent home and a district nurse and midwife arranged to come and look after me.
I woke on the Saturday and followed the hospitals advice about scrubbing my c-section wound clean in the shower before the district nurse came to change the dressing, I was in agony with it - God only knows why people opt for this type of delivery, no way would I have a c-section again ( well not through choice anyway  ) Both nurses came on the Saturday and changed my dressings and took my stats, said I looked a bit peaky and they would keep an eye on me.
Sunday came, my mum and dad walked in the door and said I looked grey, OK I'll admit it I was feeling a bit crappy, district nurse came and wanted me to go back in hospital, I said I didn't want to because I'd only just got home, so she said she would wait to see what the midwife said. Midwife came took one look at me and said I was going back to hospital.
They admitted me to my local hospital's maternity unit and put through some very undignified tests, mums out there know there's no dignity in pregnancy but wowsers this was something else!
As it happened they couldn't find anything wrong related to my pregnancy, so decided to admit me overnight for obs until they could get a second opinion and I spent the night on the urgent care ward, that was like a ghost town, me on my own on a ward with 5 other empty beds and my own personal night nurse.
Morning came and the decision was made to take me back to the initial hospital, time to get prepped before being transported, had to have a central line put in my neck and another one in my wrist, oh the first 2 of many!
So, central line, oxygen tank & heart monitor attached, I was whisked down the motorway to what was to become my new home!

I settled into my new bed on the intensive care unit, private room with windows into the neighbours room & the main ward, apparently there was a window behind me to see the outside world but I never got to look out of it. By this time I was looking more pregnant than I did 3 weeks ago before all this happened!. An ultrasound scan showed a mass in my abdomen and under a local anesthetic a drain was inserted.

** people of a certain disposition may not want to read any further - also don't read whilst eating **

What came out of my abdomen is well and truly and unbelievably gross. 3 litres of the most foul smelling and pungent liquid known to man had been inside of me for God knows how long. This came out of me over the course of 2 days, but I was still feeling really poorly, so the next step was to open me up and see what was going on in there!

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