Tuesday, 22 July 2014

End of an era A.K.A last day at nursery

So today was Squiggle's last day at nursery.

It doesn't seem like a year ago we were both getting excited at the thought of starting nursery and here we are now getting excited at the thought of starting school.

It was an emotional day and I tried my best not to cry - I really did. I dropped him off this morning, and already the nursery felt different, the walls were bare as the pictures had been taken down overnight ready to give to the children to take home, the number of children was fewer than on other days as parents decided not to bother with the last day and the mass of toys had been packed away leaving only a few out to entertain the few small people who were there.
I gave Squiggle his usual kiss and cuddle and left for the day. I was fine.

Upon my return at 3 o'clock the nursery was stark, an empty shell instead of the happy playroom it had been over the last 11 months, there were just a few token children left waiting for their parents to pick them up before the doors closed for the Summer holidays.
I was still fine. I signed Squiggle out for the last time, collected his bags and made sure we had everything, I told him to say goodbye to his friends as sadly nobody was going to the same school as he was, told him to say goodbye to his nursery workers as he probably wouldn't see them again, and then that's when it hit me, not just a couple of emotional tears but the whole waterfall of never ending ones! I just couldn't stop. Squiggle just looked at me bemused, he just wanted to go home. I quickly dashed to get some tissues before saying a tearful goodbye to everyone.

But it took a good 3 hours for my tears to stop, a song in the car, an advert on TV and a simple cuddle off Squiggle all set me off again!
For those who know me it doesn't really come as a much of a surprise really, I've always been emotional and at high school I was voted The Girl Most Likely To Cry!

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