Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Back off my hols!

Sorry I've been missing in action, I went away on holiday and haven't had 2 minutes to myself since I got back home.

Firstly I have a confession, Juneathon went out of the window, I think the poor weather played some part but mainly I blame myself for just not getting up and going out.
To make up for it though, I was very active on holiday. I went to Butlins with the family, so every day was spent on the funfair or on the beach or in the pool or doing something, in fact I could just do with a week away on a beach on my own to recover.
I've then had to get back into the swing of my thrice-weekly hospital visits, coupled up with primary school appeals - Squiggle didn't get any of his choices, so we've had to sit in front of the appeals panel three times to try and state our case, but sadly as the great Simon Cowell says, it's a no from them.

Me and 'Simon' ( Madame Tussauds 2012 )

I have a list a mile long of blog posts I need to write up, such as my holiday at Butlins, an update on my psoriasis treatment, and a few other's thrown in.

I've also got a few exciting things on this week, so really I need to go and crack on with them.

Ta Ta For Now!

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