Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I had such a lovely Mother's Day yesterday, Squiggle spoilt me, and all by himself.

The last 3 Mother's Day have been ok, my mum had to buy me my first Mother's Day present because Mr H "forgot!" and then the last 2 years he has remembered but bought the first thing his eyes have seen in the supermarket without any thought whatsoever.

This year was different, Squiggle chose all the things himself. Firstly he was very apologetic as he couldn't find what I had asked for which was a cute snail plant holder in Asda, but bless him, he did make his dad drive round all the local stores trying to find one!

Instead he chose

a lovely pink tea rose

and a balloon

and a bag of Maltesers

He picked and wrote my card all by himself and couldn't stop wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. He told me he loved me countless times and even asked if I would marry him.

I am so glad I have brought my son up to be someone who actually thinks about presents he is going to buy, let's hope this carries on and one day he will make someone a very fine husband.

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