Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse 2015

In case you missed it, there was an eclipse of the sun this morning, not a total eclipse, well at least not here in Britain but it was a fairly good partial eclipse, certainly noticeable.

First I must explain how the eclipse worked from Squiggle's point of view. He proudly told his friend on his way into school this morning that there was going to an ecliff* and basically a giant alien spaceship was going to cover the sun and it was going to be the end of the world, but at 10 o'clock it would all be over and they could go outside and play!

I think he summed it up perfectly and I don't need to elaborate or correct him on anything he said!

His school was good, they gathered all the children in the school hall and let them watch the events unfold on a giant screen. I was half expecting to hear how Squiggle jumped up and shouted "it's the end of the world" but he behaved himself ( unless they're going to tell me otherwise on Monday! )

I myself watched the eclipse up at my local reservoir with a couple of friends. The water was perfectly still and there was a great reflection to watch it happen in.

Eclipse - on reflection!

It was quite eerie up there, it's nice and peaceful on the best of days but today there was a strange quietness about it. We did have a raised eyebrow experience when the eclipse peaked, the light dimmed ever so slightly, the temperature dropped, and a freezing cold gust of air came across the reservoir. Being fully grown sensible adults that we are, we did start to panic a little!

It's certainly something we'll remember in years to come, none of us had forgotten where we were for the last eclipse back in 1999.

Did you manage to get a glimpse of it?

*Squiggle did call it an ecliff, this is not a typo!

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