Monday, 16 March 2015

Meal Planning Monday - 16th March 2015

Well this is a novelty post - how long has it been since I decided to plan out my meals? far too long if you ask me, ( or 7 months if you want to be precise!) In fact I think the only meal that was planned in the last 7 months was Christmas dinner!

My son has started school since my last meal planning post and as he gets a free school dinner he rarely wants a full cooked tea when he gets home. I have since started dating again so there have been many takeaways and trips to the pub and sadly my poor waistline ( and bank balance ) has started to suffer from it all so I've decided enough is enough, I am jumping back on the meal planning and weight loss bandwagon.

I did make a conscious start last week and managed to plan a few meals in amongst parents evening and the weekend, but this week I am officially starting again.

So what's for tea?

Monday  - Stew & Dumplings
Tuesday - Grilled pepper beefsteaks
Wednesday - Spaghetti bolognaise
Thursday - night out
Friday - Stir Fry
Saturday - night out
Sunday - Roast dinner(??)

My Szechaun beef stir fry that I made last week
I am out on Thursday to the theatre with my grandma to watch Oklahoma and am contemplating a night out on Saturday to celebrate my upcoming birthday so Saturday tea and Sunday dinner is up in the air at the moment subject to alcohol consumption levels!

If you want some really good meal planning ideas then over to At Home With Mrs M and see what everyone else is planning.

I shall let you know how I get on with my plan next week.
Ta ta for now!


  1. Welcome back to meal planning! Have a great week x

  2. As Emma said welcome back :-) I love stew and dumplings on a cold day! x #mealplanningmonday

    1. Thanks Kirsty, I think I'm going to need the stew & dumplings tonight, it's been freezing here today! x

  3. Fab menu, stew and dumplings is such a great meal :) have a lovely week! Xx

    1. Thanks Alice, have a great week too x