Monday, 15 February 2016

Come Round with Brioche Pasquier #MacaronManicure Party

This weekend saw both Valentine's Day and the lesser known Galentine's Day, the day before Valentine's Day when the girls are supposed to get together and celebrate their love and friendship for each other.  I must admit I knew nothing of this day but when Come Round asked me to hold a Brioche Pasquier #MacaronManicure party I jumped at the chance of having the girls round.

I received a large box of goodies for the party including balloons, banners and napkins along with lovely little manicure items, nail scissors, emery boards, nail varnish and bags for my guests to take home afterwards and most importantly the Brioche Pasquier Macarons.

Brioche Pasquier Macaron

They came frozen but defrosted nicely in the fridge, I must admit I did try one straight from the fridge and it didn't taste of anything, but once they'd been on the plate for a few minutes the flavours really did start to come through.

They come in a choice of 6 flavours, vanilla, coffee, lemon, chocolate, pistachio, and raspberry which coincidentally was the same colours as the nail varnish!


Brioche Pasquier macarons are currently available from Ocado at £12.99 for 36, so that's just 36p each for a delicious macaron.

 Everybody enjoyed painting their nails and eating macarons ( even the boys! ) Everyone had their own favourite flavour and equally unfavourite flavour ( the coffee one created a debate ).
I really liked the green pistachio ones and managed to nab the last one!

I think I will buy a box of macarons in the future when I'm in the mood for a classy party, they go well with either a cup of tea or a glass of wine!

Disclosure: I received a party pack containing Brioche Pasquier Macarons and manicure items in exchange for this review. All words and pictures are my own.

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