Monday, 29 February 2016

Low fibre diets are not for me

Hello, hello, hello, I'm still here and still on the low fibre diet, but my word have I suffered these last few weeks. I have had absolutely no get up and go, I've found myself wanting to sleep all the time and since starting out on it 8 weeks ago, I've gained a whopping 20lbs in weight!

I'll be seeing the dietitian again this week and will be demanding a weight loss plan. I'm currently stuck between a rock and a hard place, yes the low fibre diet has eased ( not cleared ) my I.B.S symptoms but has done so at the detriment to my weight and general well being. Personally I think I'd rather have the problems before the diet rather than what I'm contending with now.

I've done some research into low fibre diets and the main negative issue is weight gain, which with further research is caused by overeating due to not feeling full because of the lack of fibre. This is certainly true of me, I've never felt as constantly hungry and ready to eat my own body weight in food as I have done lately.

I know winter plays a part in the struggles of diet and weight loss as it is human nature to keep warm when cold and what better way than by keeping and storing body fat. So in winter we do tend to eat and indulge in comforting stodgy foods.

So what now? Well I am going for a review with the dietitian this week so hopefully we can sort out the eating side, and I'm hoping that we will get an early spring ( or at least a warmer end to winter ) so I can get out running again. If not I am seriously considering reliving my Mad March Marathon and getting the old exercise bike out and peddling 26 miles a day. I have a few hours to sleep on the matter before March starts tomorrow!

Watch this space.

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