Thursday, 4 February 2016

Laser Quest Preston

Last night Squiggle, myself and a friend were invited to the press launch night at Laser Quest Preston.

The PR Bit!
It has now been open since the end of January and is marketing itself as the ultimate sci-fi action adventure for all ages.

Whether you are 6 or 66 the venue offers an adrenaline pumping experience as you chase your opponents around the Laser Quest labyrinth which is filled with smoke, lights and great music.

Each player is kitted out with a futuristic body pack and a laser gun. You score points for hitting your target but lose points if anyone hits you.

The games can played as a team game or solo with every man, woman and child fending for themselves.

Games last 20 minutes and every player receives a scorecard at the end with details of where they scored and lost points.

Childrens parties can be booked for kids aged over 6, each party includes 2 action packed games of Laser Quest, food, party bags, unlimited squash, use of the partyzone. and free gifts for the birthday boy/girl.

Our Opinion
We were taken into a side room and shown a short video about how the laser packs worked and the rules of play and then led into another room where we put on our body packs. The teams were split into 2, the red team and the blue team, we were told to go into the area smoke poured in, disco lights were flashing, the music was cranked up and then the game began. Squiggle was apprehensive at first and stuck close to me, but soon got the hang of the game and was quickly off on his own shooting at anything that moved. There were lots of good hiding places and advantage points to shoot and score points from. The Call of Duty girl inside me came out a little bit and I think given the chance I would have been rolling on the floor and leaping over walls, but that wasn't allowed!
As soon as it was over Squiggle wanted to go again - he loved it. He wasn't on his own, I loved it, and my friend loved it. After a short break for refreshments we went in again, and Squiggle was off like a pro!

For more details visit

or visit them at

Unit 1B, Aqueduct Mill, Aqueduct Street, Preston, PR7JN

Disclaimer: We were invited to Laser Quest Preston and took part in 2 games in exchange for this review.

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