Saturday, 21 June 2014

Juneathon 2014 - Day 21

Yippee, I've got up, been out, jogged and now I'm back blogging and it's not even 9 o'clock!

I've been awake on and off since half five this morning, the sun was shining in through the curtains and I couldn't get back into a deep sleep so thought I would bite the bullet and go for a morning run. No sooner as I set off the sun disappeared and the good old Pendle mist descended, the skies went grey and it turned a little bit cold. But I continued and managed to get to the top of my hill, couldn't see anything for fog/mist so no use in taking any pictures of the views because there wasn't one!

I did a 3 mile circuit in 48 minutes and felt fantastic when I got back home.

Today I'm going to do my female duty of trying to boost the local economy by going clothes shopping for our holiday, Husband and Squiggle are going for a father and son day at the park to keep out of trouble!
I'm looking forward to it, the shopping, ( and the holiday ) because my psoriasis treatment has worked wonders this time and I'm very pleased with how my skin is looking, in fact a few people have even complimented me on my complexion. I've been discharged from the treatment room so don't need to go for daily short contact dith treatment any more, but I've still got at least another 12 UVB sessions to go. 
Anyway I'm looking forward to buying a couple of dresses and short sleeved tops, heck I might push the boat out and buy a pair of shorts!

Happy Shopping!

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