Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Fitness Bands For Kids?

I was watching The Wright Stuff this morning, when they had a discussion about the Leapfrog Leap Band which has been designed for 4-11 years to keep them active and reduce childhood obesity.

I was quite surprised to learn that such a product was needed, I've heard that childhood obesity is on the increase but I don't really know any overweight children. None of Squiggle's friends are 'fat', there were no overweight kids at nursery and I can't say that I saw any whilst we were out visiting primary schools.
Squiggle is very active and very rarely sits down to watch TV. He is always on the go, in fact I tweeted The Wright Stuff to tell them I need a band to tell him to sit and have a rest every now and then.
I got my tweet read out!

Click here to watch!

Despite my initial negative thoughts about it, it would be quite interesting to see exactly how much energy my son expends in a day and compare it to me.
I am a self confessed couch potato who has the odd random moments of mad exercise, but where as Squiggle is happy to run and play all day I am more than happy to just sit down and watch him! I haven't passed on my bad habits to him but will he start to pick up on this as he gets older?

What do you think? Do kids need motivating to exercise? or should we just leave them to enjoy being a child? Let me know your views.

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