Monday, 4 August 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 4th August 2014

So we're in the midst of the school holidays and the meal planning is hit and miss, will we be in for tea or will we be on a day out somewhere? Truth is, I don't really know until we wake up.

So this post is a bit of a willy nilly post, I'm not going to set a determined menu this week, I'll just tell you what the aim is and we shall have to see what we do actually eat and on what day!

So in the fridge and freezer for this week, I have:

lamb steaks
peppered beef grill steaks ( posh burgers )
bits to make a lasagne - mince, pasta sheets & sauce
egg and chips - haven't had this for ages
pulled pork - I bought some from Tesco a few weeks ago and just got round to eating it last week and it was amazing.

I served it in warm pita bread along with a side salad and a few chips, it certainly got the thumbs up from everybody in the Homer house!

I've no food plans for the weekend as we are going out, so might treat ourselves to a pub tea. We're off to Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival on Sunday. It's a great day out, all the village takes part and they all put up scarecrows. There's a trail to follow along with a little quiz and prizes every day for adults and children.

Have you ever been? Or do you have a Scarecrow Festival near you? If so let me know, I'd like to go to other Scarecrow Festivals.

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