Monday, 11 August 2014

Last visit to the Dermatology

Back on the 22nd April, I started my daily treatment for my psoriasis, here's my first post with some not so nice looking pictures.

I was going 5 times a week, Monday - Friday, having ointment every day and UVB light therapy every other day. Over the initial weeks the ointment did its job and by the middle of June I was just visiting for my light treatment.

Today was my last visit for light treatment, I was allowed between 24 & 30 sessions, so with having holidays and missing a few sessions I opted for the maximum allowed. I am glad to report that my arms and body are now clear and I feel so much more confident in myself. I've been wearing short sleeve tops, shorts and dresses. Granted my legs are not 100% but they are a damn sight better than they were, so I'm not so bothered about showing them off. I've also gained a bit of a tan from the "industrial sunbed" so I now have a healthy glow about me.

Even my scar looks better
It's like having a new pair of legs!

I'm never going to be cured of psoriasis because there just isn't a cure for it, all I can do is try to keep it at bay, unfortunately stress is a major factor with psoriasis as is cold weather and lack of sunlight, which is why during the winter my skin does take a turn for the worse. I'm not being pessimistic when I say I have little doubt in my mind that in 12 months time I could be writing about my next course of hospital treatment, I've had this condition since I was about 6 years old, had numerous hospital visits for treatment and every year just before Summer I am covered head to toe.

The only time I was truly clear was when I was pregnant, which is why I can't understand why I wasn't worse, pregnancy is certainly stressful on the body! Anyway I am clear for now and I am going to try and make the most of whatever good weather we have left to come and get outside, I wasn't really allowed out whilst having light treatment in case it all burnt my skin. And quite typically, I finish my treatment and Britain gets hit with the back end of a hurricane!

So do any of you suffer from psoriasis, what makes it worse? what calms it down? Please get in touch.

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