Wednesday, 23 April 2014

#psoriasis treatment days 1 & 2 and #getyourbellyout

Really not sure what to name this post, it's a bit of a mixture about my psoriasis treatment, and finally putting my belly on show to the world. To be honest I'm sure how I feel about doing it, I might chicken out and remove the picture later on, but here's the post for now.

Yesterday I had my first treatment session at the hospital. I'm starting off on 0.5% short contact dithranol for 20 minutes, I made a start on the lower strength stuff at home last week just so I could get a good start at the hospital.
I arrived promptly and was ushered into a cubicle where my nurse asked questions about what ointments I was currently using, where I had patches, and the usual height and weight, and do I smoke or drink. I haven't smoked since the day before my 30 th birthday, so that was over 5 years ago, and since having pancreatitis I haven't really drunk much either.

Then down to business, strip off to a little more than my birthday suit. OK so I'm slightly overweight, covered in scaly patches and have a massive scar on my belly, (I sound like a right catch don't I?)  But I've been through enough to feel confident in my own skin, ( behind closed curtains ), so flashing my boobs at nurses doesn't bother me, but flashing my belly has, well tonight's the night I unveil it to the world!

It took two nurses 10 minutes to cover me in ointment, I have chronic plaque psoriasis, so mine is itty bitty patches which means each individual patch has to be dabbed, they can't just put it on and rub it all over because it will burn my good skin!

connect the dots and see what you can create!

I donned a pair of hospital pyjamas and then took a seat and waited for my time to be up before going for a shower to wash it all off.

This season's fashion!

Today I returned for my second session, and already my skin has been burnt by the ointment. There is an area on my back that I haven't been putting ointment on because I can't reach, and well, it looks like I couldn't reach to wash it off either, so now I look like I've got sunburnt!

ouch! - and it feels hot, like a sunburn!

Will have to see how I get on tomorrow.

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