Monday, 11 January 2016

#MealPlanningMonday - 11th January 2016

Well here we are 11 days into 2016 and nearly half the month of January gone already!

I had all good intentions of an easy healthy diet this year, however a trip to see the dietitian last week has made things slightly harder. I suffer from I.B.S and medication hasn't helped so my next step is try a low fibre diet. I can cope with having to eat white bread, cheese, white rice, crumpets, potato waffles, cream crackers, mayonnaise, fizzy drinks and alcohol, but I can't cope with not being allowed to eat apples, pears, peaches, oranges, prunes, raisins, cabbage, spinach, Brussels sprouts, parsnips, mushrooms, sweetcorn, raw carrots, baked beans, sweet potato, coleslaw, fruit jam, peanuts.......argh the list goes on and on.

So out goes my sweet potato and chicken stew, parsnip soup, beans on toast, jam on toast, peanut butter on toast, Snickers bar ( although I suppose I could suffer a Mars bar, it's like a Snickers but without the nuts! )

Shopping is going to be interesting, no more reaching for food without thinking about it, I am going to have scrutinize everything for the fibre content.

So my menu is subject to change in case I have picked something I shouldn't be having but so far it looks like this.

Chicken with broccoli and boiled carrots ( these are allowed )
Pasta bake
Gammon with mash, cauliflower and broccoli
fish fingers and potato waffles ( no beans for me! )
cheese on toast ( still allowed tomato sauce on, black pepper is to be used with caution )

So this is my first draft at the menu, it is quite hard thinking what to have especially as my vegetable choices are limited.
I am allowed a variety of canned fruit as apparently the fibre has started to break down so isn't as high as in fresh fruit* so I may look into making smoothies as I'm not sure my body will cope with all the white bread, pasta and lack of vegetation!

For more mouth watering recipes, head over to Mrs M to see what else is cooking.

*This is what my dietitian told me


  1. Ahh I so feel your pain - long time IBS sufferer (plus other gastric joys) and last week I was on a low residue diet - meal planning was fun - not! Are you doing FODMAP too at all? Was mentioned by a dietician friend to me but also have to do low fibre in a few weeks ahead of other unpleasant gastro investigations so waiting to see on outcome before having to commit to anything long term - like you the meds don't work! I so missed fresh raw veggies last week! Good luck! x

    1. Hi Anne, I've never heard of FODMAP until now, I've had a quick look it's quite similar to what my dietitian has told me but there are a couple of foods on the opposite on there, ie on the bad list from my dietitian but on the good list on FODMAP, this could get confusing!
      Hope everything goes well with your investigations. good luck x

    2. I think its all very confusing Joanne! Read so much conflicting stuff over the years and been told one thing by a Dr to have another completely disagree, I think we have to become our own digestive detectives! Hope you feel better soon x