Tuesday, 6 January 2009

And we're off....

I did really well yesterday until Darren came home from work.
I got up and had 2 pieces of toast and a cup of tea ( no sugar ). I then spent 2 hours tidying up the back bedroom to get it ready so I can finish decorating it. I started wallpapering 12 months ago and have never finished it. My mother in law is coming to visit at the end of this month so I want to have it all nice for her arrival.
I then had my dinner which was a sandwich and another cup of tea. Had one of my minor dizzy spells so spent the rest of the day on the computer catching up with missed TV programmes and emails that have built up over Christmas.
Tea was kind of healthy, fish finger, mash and beans but then downfall and on day one as well !!! My mum had bought Darren a Simpsons "doh"nut machine for Christmas and he's been dying to try it out, so we did. Thanksfully it only makes mini "doh"nuts and we only used half the batter. So I'm not feeling too guilty over it.

I then sat down at watched Paul McKenna I can make you thin. This weeks lesson is to eat what you want when you want. Just eat in moderation and take your time. Right I'll have a bash at this as no food is forbidden.
So this morning I made my usual size bowl of porridge and followed Paul's instruction of eating without distraction and to put the spoon/fork down in between bites and chew for 20 times to savour what you're eating. Well for the first time I actually felt full and didn't finish it all.
I also followed this at dinner time with my bowl of pasta. I finished that but didn't feel the need for a packet of crisps and a bar of chocolate afterwards.
Lets see what happens at tea time when Darren the human dustbin comes home ! He cannot bear to throw food away and eats each meal like its his last. Blink and his plate is clear.
So if it means me eating in another room then so be it.

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