Monday, 12 January 2009

Doctors recommendations.....

I went to Preston hospital on Thursday for my appointment to get me rehabilitated back onto this planet ! For the last 5 years I've had vertigo which has meant that not only do I sway and spin but the world around me does too. I've felt like I've been living on planet Joanne because no-one else knows what its really like, the closest I can get to describing it is being completely drunk all of the time but without the fun. I've finally had a diagnosis as it what causes it which is very complicated but the simple explanation is your eyes, ears, feet and brain keep you balanced. My ears have failed so I've been relying on my eyes to keep me level. Unfortunately if I move my head quickly or I'm in the dark it knocks me off my balance and I fall over !

I've now got some eye exercises to do over the next 4 weeks before I go back and get the next set.

I've also been given the go-ahead to start exercising again, thank god, and its my judgement what I do and when. However if it makes me dizzy then it is actually helping my senses re-adjust themselves but I have not to overdo it... easier said than done I either go at stuff gung-ho or not at all.

I have to try and do something everyday even if its just housework but also remember to rest.
Talk about contradiction - no wonder my head spins !!!

So I've decided that to start off with I'll be walking in the field behind my house, normally I have to walk about half of a mile to get in the field which leaves me feeling dizzy before I start, but as my fence has disappeared overnight ( due to the gale force winds ) I now have a quick access route through my garden which makes me feel better knowing that I can get home if anything should happen.

So I'm armed with my pedometer and aiming for 5000 steps today. Hey I know its a long way off the 10,000 I'm supposed to do but I've been averaging 2000 a day since I was signed off sick.

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