Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Snow place like home.....

Well what a suprise we had this morning. We've had some snow, it wasn't forecast so dilema for Darren having to drive to work but nice for me because I got to stay in bed !

I've taken to the Paul McKenna way of eating. Its really easy and I think its working. I've lost that bloated feeling. I've even got Darren trying it but he's struggling taking his time.
I'm loving the fact I can eat anything and am really hoping it does pay off but I won't be jumping on the scales till Sunday.

So I stayed snuggled up in bed till about 9.30 then decided to venture out into the cold bleak house in search of cat & food. Found Thomas fast asleep on the digi box - its the warmest thing in the living room so left him to it. Had breakfast which was a small bowl of blueberry shredded wheat and semi skimmed milk.
Braved the bathroom for a shower - imagine having a hot shower in a fridge freezer. Not sure which is worse, stripping off in a cold room and then getting "burnt" by warm water because your body temperature has dropped so much that luke warm water is like having a scolding hot kettle poured over you or having a nice warm shower only to get dry and dressed in a cold room that you can see your breath !!
Decided on a bit of reverse therapy at dinner time so went for a walk in the snow laiden field behind the house. Worked a treat not only did I get some fresh air but when I got back home I was so cold that the house felt toasty warm.
Had my dinner a lovely celery soup that I had lurking in the back of the freezer, very nice!
Visited my grandma for her birthday when Darren got home so decided on something quick for tea and had a pizza. Again felt full after eating it slowly so managed to cut out the chips and garlic bread. Did have enough room for a jam doughnut though !! tut tut.

Well tomorrow is my first rehabilitation session to try and get my Vertigo cured. I haven't the faintest idea whats going to be involved or how long the sessions will last. The only downside is that I have to traipse all the way to Preston for it because my local hospital couldn't find out what was up with me despite me telling them !!!!! They just didn't want to know the simple things but instead wanted to find something bigger and more interesting that was wrong with me ... so they failed. Glad my mum can take me otherwise I just wouldn't be able to get there.

Lets see what happens.

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  1. Crikey, Preston's a bit of a trek isnt it? Good Luck tomorrow hope it goes ok xx