Friday, 16 January 2009

Britain's Got Talent????

Had a fantastic day out yesterday. My mum got free tickets to sit in the audience for the Manchester leg of Britain's Got Talent filmed at the Lowery Centre.
After standing in the queue for over 2 hours we were finally let in at 12.30 ( doors were meant to open at 11.15 ). We were then told they were having technical difficulties so would be starting at 2pm. They joked that Simon wasn't quite orange enough and was undergoing various spray tans to get him to the colour of "Tangerine Dream"
We were sat up in the Gods - that place is high !!!! but we could see everything that was going on - unfortunately my camera on my phone hasn't got a fantastic zoom so the pics are very distorted but I have the memories !!!

I'm not going to spoil it by telling you what the acts were except for one which nearly killed the poor fellow.
Now you all know that if the judges don't like the act they buzz them off. The buzzer is loud enough to wake the dead and everytime the judges used it the entire audience jumped out of their skin.
This one guy was doing a trick with knives, part of his act entailed him doing a handstand then picking up a knife with his mouth, just at the crucial time Piers buzzed him out. Well from the angle we were watching it looked like this poor chap had slipped and stabbed himself in the head, the audience gasped there was deadly silence as the man ......... flipped back ...........upright unharmed, everyone cheered for him.
But like I say I'm not going to spoil it by telling you who got through.

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