Saturday, 26 April 2014

20th Century Boy - The Musical

20th Century Boy - The Musical

This afternoon I took my mum to The Manchester Opera House as a birthday treat to watch 20th Century Boy - The Musical.
Back in the 1970's she was a big fan of Marc Bolan and T.Rex, and I was excited to learn there was a musical inspired by his life currently on tour.

We took our seats in the stalls, Row T, and waited, despite the late booking, we managed to get aisle seats with a very good view. The Opera House isn't that big so even if you are on the last row, you will still get a good view*

The light's went out and 20th Century Boy blasted through the speakers, everybody cheered!

The opening scene was set in the current time and featured Marc's son Rolan Bolan sitting and listening to his dad's music, when Gloria Jones, his mum, walks in and does the usual parent thing of telling him to turn it down. He proceeds to complain that this is the only way he can feel close to his dad. His mum disagrees and says he should visit where his dad grew up and meet the people who knew him, and so the journey begins.

The musical is a foot tapping, tear jerking, heart stopping journey through Marc Bolan's life, as told by his family, friends and Gloria Jones. It is a mixture of current events as his son tries to find out who his dad really was with flashbacks to Marc's younger days, progressing through his life from a school boy to just starting out with Tyrannosaurus Rex and eventually making it big with T Rex, to the bitter sad end.

It features all the hits, I Love To Boogie, Metal Guru, Get It On, Ride A White Swan, Hot Love and many many more.

I would recommend glamming up, taking your feather boa and being prepared to dance and sing along in this wonderful portrayal of a young star who was taken from us far too soon!

*Unless a large person, wearing a large hat sits in front of you

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