Tuesday, 8 April 2014

'Not For Human Consumption'

I recently ordered a sample of cat food off the internet for Leo which arrived this morning. It was covered in messages stating 'Not For Human Consumption'

This got me pondering about what type of people would order free samples of cat food or any pet food for that matter to eat themselves!

I am a bit of a "cat woman" myself, they seem to follow me around and I have on occasions had a tribal gathering of them in my garden. Does this mean I possess some feline qualities, am I fully human? And what about the people who undergo body modifications to look like more like animals than humans? for instance the Cat Man and Lizard Man, could they be classed as more animal than human.

Also the more you tell somebody ( me ) not to do something, the more they ( me ) want to do it!

So what would happen if I ate the sample myself?, Would I be undoubtedly sick as I expect or would I sprout whiskers of my own and start purring in front of a nice warm fire?

Cheshire Cat & White Rabbit

I neglected to actually eat the cat food but remembered this picture from a fancy dress party I attended with my brother, could this be the future if mankind was to eat cat and rabbit food marked 'Not For Human Consumption'? 
Would we all turn into our pets?

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

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