Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Competition Wins

I am a self confessed 'comper' I like entering competitions, all sorts of competitions, whether by email, online, postcard, Twitter, Facebook or text I'll do anything to win anything.

I'm not an obsessed comper, unlike some people I know who enter hundreds a day, I'm happy to just do it sporadically and maybe enter hundreds a week when I have the time.

Over the years I've had some great wins and some strange wins, and I'd like to share these with you, and maybe do a regular update at the end of each month to share what I've managed to win myself and give you good people out there a chance to share what you've won as well!

I love using Loquax for my competitions, but you can easily find competitions on MSE ( Money Saving Expert ) and The Prize Finder.
Most of the sites are run by the members for the use of other members, ie members find and post competitions for each other to enter.

There are a whole host of prizes to be won from DVD's to holidays and cars, you just have to be in it to win it.

March was a particularly good month for me, I won lots of books, so have a lot of reading and reviewing to do, which will all count towards my Good Reads Reading Challenge.

Was accidentally sent ten copies of one book instead of one copy of ten books!!

I also had a nice surprise in the post yesterday by way of crafting stamps.

Stampin Up!
Hubby was also rewarded last month by a nice win I had on Twitter for a designer jumper.

My strangest win to date was one of my first wins, many years ago. It was a years supply of Um Bongo, and even with the help of work mates, I still couldn't get through it all in a year!!

My best wins are probably the monetary ones, these have always come at just the right time and have helped me to buy a new TV and loads of Christmas presents, pay for a holiday and the latest win is going towards a new car.

So have you won anything recently and what are your best and strangest wins?

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