Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Which TV tribe do you belong to?

Ok, Ok, I'll admit it, when Squiggle is at nursery, I do turn into a bit of a couch potato. There's nothing more I like than being able to settle down on the settee, with the remote in one hand and a brew in the other and watch TV in peace and quiet. The TV is on all day every day but Squiggle tends to determine what we're going to watch it whether it's Cbeebies or Disney Jr when he's home.
My Sky+ box is up to its limit with downloaded boxsets and films and programmes that I wouldn't be able to watch otherwise, so I do enjoy my couple of hours in a morning trying to catch up.
Having switched to Sky recently I have gone a bit overboard by downloading boxsets of programmes that I'm ashamed to say I've never seen - programmes like House, Star Trek Enterprise, Bones, Once Upon a Time and the hugely popular Game of Thrones.

As you can see I also prefer The Wright Stuff to Jeremy Kyle

I like to browse through the movie channels and pick out hidden gems and record them to watch later, in fact I tend to record most things now, simply so I can fast forward through the adverts. I like watching good old British dramas and comedy, but don't tend to watch the soaps.
Strangely considering my past medical history and extensive hospital stays I cannot get enough of medical dramas, so I have Grey's Anatomy, Holby City and Casualty on series record.

I recently took the Talk Talk Challenge to see what TV tribe I belonged to and it was no surprise to find out that I'm a Me-Timer!

The Me-timer
I like to watch TV on my own with no disturbances; I hate it 
when people interrupt. I download and binge on boxsets. I love 
watching TV in a separate room for a bit of peace and quiet. 
I often watch TV on a laptop or tablet with my headphones on
and love to get stuck into a good TV drama, watching episodes
back to back. I never miss an episode of my favourite shows. 
34% of people belong to this TV Tribe

It sums me up except I don't watch TV on my laptop or a tablet with my headphones on. I sit and watch TV on my TV with the subtitles on. Not that my hearing is going but I think the sound quality on some programmes on my TV is rubbish so I have to have subtitles on to see what's being said!

Like I said earlier I do share the TV with Squiggle, he gets to choose what he wants to watch when he's home from nursery, he loves Cbeebies and has to watch Mike the Knight before we leave in a morning, he loves Mr Bloom and has now started to watch Topsy and Tim. He could become a Me-timer like me, because he does have a tablet of his own and knows how to find Youtube and the various iplayers and is quite happy to watch on their whilst mummy puts her programmes on.

Daddy hasn't been mentioned in this blog post because he doesn't get a look in! - He watches whatever me or Squiggle have on - The only time he gets to watch is if/when I ever go out and leave him alone!

What tribe do you belong to - take the test and let me know

The subject was featured on the tots100 site as part of a competition, I have not entered, but liked the idea of the topic so still blogged about it.

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