Thursday, 3 April 2014

No Housework Day - 7th April

Right folks, this is one to put in your diary - Monday 7th April 2014 will be No Housework Day!

There I was, casually reading my latest craft magazine and making a note of upcoming craft shows and special days to make cards for when this date jumped off the page and screamed at me.

Oh what a fantastic day it could be, a whole day off from washing, drying, ironing, cleaning and generally tidying and picking up after everyone else. A guilt free day to ditch the chores and go and do something else instead.

If you're not one for doing the housework, then maybe you could reverse your role on this day and go and help out, whether in your own home or at an elderly neighbours house. Give somebody else the day off instead.

Unfortunately for me,  I've checked my diary and noted that it's the first day of Squiggle's Easter holidays from nursery. Can I really sit by and watch while my four year old destroys the house?

Maybe not

But for the rest of you, put down that broom, switch off the washing machine and leave the dishes, they can wait 24 hours.

Leave the washing up to soak overnight!

Remember a tidy house is a sign of a mispent life!!

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