Monday, 31 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 31st March 2014

I hope all you all had a lovely weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there. What a hectic few weeks it's been, which has unfortunately meant the meal planning went out of the window, and saw an increase in takeaways, a sharp decrease in our bank balance and a huge increase on the weighing scales!

So this week I am aiming to get back on track and not buy any takeaways!

Monday - Wacky Warehouse Birthday Party for Squiggle, so will probably just nibble on the leftovers
Tuesday - Lasagne and Mediterranean veg ( it's been sitting in the fridge for nearly a week! )
Wednesday - Hotpot with a difference. I like to put mine in a giant Yorkshire Pudding!
Thursday - child free night - anything goes!
Friday - Slow cooker day, might do a curry or something
Saturday & Sunday - probably more party food, Squiggle has 2 parties to go to - check him out and his social life, gets invited out to more do's than I do!

As usual this is linked up with Mrs M's Meal Planning, head over there to see other meal ideas or to join in the fun!


  1. Everything sounds delicious! Fab meal plan!
    What a genius idea putting the hotpot in a giant Yorkshire Pudding!! x

  2. Thanks Kim, but I can't take credit for the giant Yorkshire Pudding idea - it's one I've adapted from my childhood. Blackpool Pleasure Beach used to serve them in one of their cafes filled with all sorts, curries, hotpot, sausages & mash, I've been doing my own versions ever since!

  3. we always have our stew and dumplings in a giant yorkie!!! so scrummy :)

  4. We always have our stew and dumplings in one - so scrummy!!