Monday, 10 March 2014

GoodReads Book Review: Bottles and Pots by Jacqueline Pye

The Good Reads website is a great place to hang out and read and write reviews about books or take part in pre release giveaways and get the chance to read and review books either before or just after they are released.

I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to receive a copy of Bottles and Pots by Jacqueline Pye.

My well read copy

Bottles and Pots is a collection of short stories and longer pieces that really got my brain ticking. They are dark tales of murder, betrayal and mind games. Some of the short stories are barely a page long but really set the scene and had me thinking about them long after I had finished reading them. The longer stories are filled with twists and turns that left me second guessing at the outcome often which I didn't expect.

The book is only 90 pages long and easy to read, once started I found myself hooked on turning the pages and didn't stop till I reached the end.
Like most compilations there were a few stories that didn't appeal as much as others, but that's personal choice.
My favourite two stories were The Enemy and Cobwebs, because they both resonate with two of the things I detest in life - clowns and spiders!

Have you read it? What did you think? Which story/stories did you like?

Disclaimer: I entered and won a competition to receive a copy of this book to read and write a review for the Good Reads website.

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