Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Mad March Marathon Challenge: Days 16 - 18

Oh dear everything's gone to pot this weekend, Squiddle has been feeling poorly, I'm hurting and hubby is just....well being hubby!  Meal Planning Monday has gone out of the window, Squiddle says he just wants bowls of custard and I'm just about managing to eat a sandwich, so there's hardly any planning involve in that, and I'm not designing a menu for one person i.e. hubby!

I have still done a few bits on the old exercise bike but not as much as I'd like, not sure if people want to read about this every day so might just do a couple of updates a week - plus it'll keep those of you who are reading guessing on how I'm doing!

Monthly target -            1308.05 km
Cycled today -                    31.30 km
Walked today -                         0 km
Total cycled/walked -      382.59 km
Left to go -                       925.46 km

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