Monday, 10 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 10th March 2014

Good morning everybody, how was your weekend? I had a fun filled day on Saturday at the Cake International Show at Event City in Manchester and I'm now inspired to do a spot of baking and cake decorating this week. Boy am I going to be busy then, I'm still on with my marathon cycling challenge and I'm also attempting to redecorate my living room. I think it's about time, we've lived here nearly 9 years and the only thing I've done is change the curtains!

Last weeks menu was going very well until it got to the weekend and I kept forgetting to take the meat of out the freezer. The chicken didn't defrost in time so last night we simply had beans on toast with a fried egg, and boy was it good!

So this week my aim is to remember to defrost in time for tea!

Monday - slow cooked chicken with sweet potato ( that we should have had last night! )
Tuesday - lamb curry with rice & naan bread
Wednesday -spag bol
Thursday - child free night - anything goes!
Friday - fish fingers & mash
Saturday - takeaway or fakeaway
Sunday -  roast dinner

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  1. I tend to find on a child free night when you think it'll be something romantic its normally a pot noodle!

  2. We used to go to the pub quiz on a Wednesday but my mum's changed her hours at work so we now have Thursday as our child free night, and typical there's not much to do on a Thursday around here, so quite often we stop in now and watch TV with a takeaway!