Monday, 3 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday 3rd March 2014

Firstly I'd like to say hello to Mr H! *waves* as apparently he looks forward to this blog post every week because it's the only way he finds out what's for tea!

I'm really enjoying doing my meal planning and have found that we have started to spend a lot less on takeaways, and also a small amount on the shopping as we are now only buying what we need for the week.

This weeks shop is going to be another small one because the contents of the freezer are going to be consumed again this week.

I have gone through it today and made an itinerary of what's in there,
My contents are: breaded mushrooms x 2, broccoli & cauliflower x 2, burgers, carrots, chips, fish fingers x 2 boxes, hash browns,  jam roly poly, lamb, naan bread, peas, prawns, roast potatoes, scampi, smiley potato faces, spag bol, stuffing, sweet & sour chicken, wedges x 2, yorkie puds,

So as you can see we are still well stocked with fish fingers, broccoli, breaded mushrooms and fiery wedges, not sure if they all go together though?

I think the menu for the week will be as follows:

Monday: beef curry made with leftovers from yesterdays roast dinner
Tuesday: home made pizza and pancakes!!!
Wednesday: scampi, chips & peas ( fish fingers for Squiggle )
Thursday: child free night - anything goes, pub, takeaway or cinema
Friday: lamb curry & naan bread
Saturday: possible takeaway because I'm hopefully out for the day!
Sunday: slow cooked chicken & sweet potato

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Mmmmm...scampi..... Havent had that for ages! Adding to next weeks meal plan...thanks honey x

  2. Ooh I love a good curry made with leftovers! My hubby tends to say the same thing to me too :-) hope you get your takeaway, enjoy x