Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Mad March Marathon Challenge: Days 8 & 9

To start off with I'll just do a quick update about yesterday, I thought I'd set my GPS tracker off  whilst I wandered around the Cake International Show at Event City and try to rack up some miles by foot, unfortunately this was an epic fail as my GPS failed to track me!, so despite being on my feet for well over 5 hours it only tracked the distance from the car to the event hall and back again!

So today I have had to make up the miles on my bike again.
I had a vigorous session this morning clocking up 25.65 km / 15.97 miles in an hour and tonight I've done a further 26.80 km / 16.65 miles in an hour.

Pleasantly on the weight side of things since starting this last Saturday I've lost 4lbs and 2cm off my waist, hips and boobs! My tight fitting jeans are fitting a lot better today but best off all on the BMI chart I'm no longer classed as obese - I'm just overweight now!

Property of No One's Homer
After my illness!
My weight has always been a bother to me, I was an active child but during a short stay in hospital I was spoiled by milkshakes and chocolate and soon became hooked on them. My weight went up and down over the years till I eventually ballooned to a whopping 18 stone when I was pregnant. ( I only actually gained 5lbs during my pregnancy! )  I then lost over 10 stone through being ill with pancreatitis and could stand in one leg of my old jeans!

 I was put on a high calorie diet to try and gain some weight back and it worked but over the last 3 years I have gained more than I needed to and actually ended up being classed as obese again! My mission is to try and change my eating habits and cut out the high calorie eating and start exercising again. ( Even though I was extremely overweight I was always active ) I have a couple of apps on my phone which are helping me to record my calorie intake and this challenge is helping me kick-start the exercise regime. It's all going in the right direction for me to be fit for 35!

Monthly target - 1308.05 km
Cycled today -        52.45 km
Total cycled -        224.45 km
Left to go -          1083.60 km

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