Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Juneathon 2014 - Day 10

Does walking around Ikea count?

I guess it should do as it took 2 hours to get round it today with a friend. I was only going as the chauffeur ( she doesn't drive, I do, I'm a sucker for taking her places ) and had no intentions of spending today, well that went out of the window in the first few minutes. I've visualised my ideal bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom - I just need the funds and a willing volunteer to help me! As mass spending was out today I had to settle for a few glass jars for the kitchen, some plastic cutlery and plates for Squiggle and picnics and a nice storage box.

My friend spent considerably more on glasses, she has taken up glittering them to sell. - Here is her Facebook page - Nic's Glitter Glasses, it's a new business and yes I am biased as she is a friend but they are really good, very sparkly and great for parties!

Tonight I dodged some more rain and went to the bingo, hurrah, I had a nice little win which should compensate for my spending at Ikea earlier!

Tomorrow, I am planning on doing another of my couch to 5k app sessions, just hope the weather is a bit brighter!

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