Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Juneathon 2014 - Day 11

Ahh that's better, nothing beats working up a sweat, then having a nice warm shower, putting clean pyjamas on and getting into a freshly made bed.

Did my uphill run again tonight, I'm going to name it The (ex)Pub To Pub Run, because there was a pub at either end of the road but one has since closed. My couch to 5 km app kept crashing on me, so I didn't have that encouragement to motivate me, but I did manage to go a little bit further tonight in the same time as Monday's run. I haven't truly done the full length of the road - I'm leaving that for next time, but I am quite pleased at how well I'm doing. My stomach doesn't seem to hurt as much so maybe my muscles are toning up and starting to do their job again ( wishful thinking )

Whilst running tonight I passed many other runners and one thing was quite noticeable, they all looked a normal colour, nothing like the glowing beetroot that was running towards them.
Everyone else seems to look a normal shade of pink, perfect hair and not a drop of sweat on them whereas I don't!

Does anyone else turn red or a shade of purple whilst running or am I on my own here?

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