Friday, 6 June 2014

Juneathon 2014 - Day 6

Well what a scorcher it's been today, I made the most of it by parking the furthest away from the hospital and had a nice meander through the grounds on route to my UVB appointment. I was apprehensive about going because it's getting hotter and hotter in that cabinet, I feel like I should wrap myself up in tin foil and sell myself as an oven ready chick!

Anyway I persevered and  a minute and half later was back out getting dressed and deciding what to do with myself.

I took my son to playgroup and spent the rest of the morning listening to Michael Jackson on repeat. Squiggle has taken a shine to Thriller and Bad and just wants to listen and dance to them all the time.
This afternoon he decided he was well enough to go to nursery so I spent the afternoon in the garden putting a few more plants in! Before I knew it, it was 4 pm and time to pick Squiggle up.

Tonight we were very naughty and had tea at McDonald's but on the plus side thanks to their app we got 2 free frappacinos!

Peach & Passion fruit or Chocolate Chip
The chocolate one was by far the better of the two, possibly because it contained chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, whereas the other was just fruit!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more exercise worthy day - I'm off to the Ideal Home Show at Manchester, so will be spending all day on my feet walking around and hopefully getting inspiration to sort my house out!

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