Monday, 9 June 2014

Juneathon 2014 - Days 8 & 9

Good evening readers!

Totally forgot to post yesterday, and now I'm sitting here trying to think what I did!

I do remember walking around a supermarket for an hour trying to do my shopping and making my tea but other than that I have no idea! ( and I wasn't even drinking!! )

Today has been a very active day, rain did not stop play, mainly because I had to nip into the town and the only free car park was quite a distance from where I wanted to be and yet again it was pouring down, torrential rain and flooded pavements = me hopping, skipping and jumping my way along!

This afternoon I took shelter in a shopping centre and had a spot of retail therapy, I bought a pair of running leggings - check me out, I've nearly got the full gear now, just need to decide if I want a fancy GPS watch or to make do with my phone.

When I returned home I tackled the mountain of ironing and when I say mountain I mean it - it took nearly 3 hours to conquer it!

Finally after tea the sun came out so I donned my new leggings and went for a jog. The problem with where I live is that I'm sort of in the middle of a hill, and the surrounding area is quite hilly so I don't have anywhere flat to walk/jog/run*

There is one road which has a steady incline which I normally incorporate into my walk but I have to go up another hill to get there and am usually knackered by the time I get there. So I decided to cheat a little and drove up the first hill, parked at the bottom of the second and then walked/jogged my up and back down it. I've taken advice and downloaded a version of the coach to 5 km app, which I used, to some effect. It wanted me to run for 60 seconds in between walks, I can just about manage 45 second bursts at the moment! But with a combination of walking and jogging I did cover 2.58 miles in just under 42 minutes and it was on a hill!

Anyway I just about managed to get back in time before the rain returned, I must admit it was quite nice jogging in a the drizzle, very cooling, but I don't think I could do it in a torrential downpour!

I will have to see how I shape up in the morning, last Monday I could barely walk after my jog and I did a lot more tonight than last week! I'll report back tomorrow!

*delete where appropriate

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