Monday, 2 June 2014

Juneathon 2014 - Day 2

Other than popping out to the hospital this morning for another dose of light treatment for my psoriasis and doing a spot of work, I have basically been sat in all day waiting for the rain to stop. The heavens certainly opened up this afternoon, the rain was pouring off the roofs like Niagara Waterfalls at one point.

So I've had to get the exercise bike out and dust it off, it hasn't been used since my Mad March Marathon back in March!

Also I'm in agony from yesterdays little jogging session, so I've just sat and peddled for an hour whilst watching the TV. As usual I'm last to jump on the bandwagon with big TV programmes so I've just started to watch Game Of Thrones, currently up to Season One, Episode Five!

Anyway I just about managed to cycle 15 km today, my legs feel like stone today! Hopefully the weather will be better and I won't feel like I've seized up and can get back outside again!

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