Saturday, 15 June 2013

#Juneathon - Day 15, I climbed a mountain!

I only wish it was a real mountain, sadly it was the mountain of ironing that has been slowly piling up, so I'm very sorry if I got your hopes up of an exciting tale up in Snowdonia or Ben Nevis, not this time!

I started the morning with another weigh in, nothing to report, the scales have neither gone up nor down this week, neither have my measurements changed but I do feel like my jeans have a little more room in them or is that just wishful thinking?

So after the weekly trip to get the shopping I got back home and started to tackle the ironing, cue the ingenious thinking of my husband - ooh you're making space in the ironing pile - I know I'll change all the beds, get them washed and dried and then you can iron the bedding as well! - gee thanks, so it was a never ending mission, in fact I still haven't finished it all now and I'm signing off for an early night because I have to get up very early tomorrow for a special day out!

So continuing good luck to all my fellow Juneathoners, we're half way there now, only another 15 days to go!

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